Beach Tennis Miami Social Play
Open Play

Anyone is welcome to come and play. Players can practice and play games for fun. Teams will be mixed up and organized in such a way that everyone can enjoy the sport. Besides good exercise, it is a great way to socialize!

  • First time = free for residents Miami area

  • Miami Beach resident: $5 / Non resident: $10

  • Unlimited open play included in all membership options

  • Register online to start playing today!

Beach Tennis Miami Group Lessons
Group Lessons

Improve skills & get into beach tennis shape by joining our group lessons! A great way to enjoy the Miami outdoors, get fit & up your confidence & team skills.

  • Max 6 players per court or 8 on two courts

  • 1 hour technical instructions and physical exercises (Seniors and Kids Group lessons and Social play will be customized to their abilities, for example games can be played 3 against 3.)

  • Miami Beach resident: $15 / Non resident: $20

  • Reserve your spot now! (click to pay)

Beach Tennis Miami Private Lessons
Private Lessons

Customized to the player’s wishes we can organize private lessons and special group activities i.e. team building event or family party. A great way to enjoy the great outdoors, get fit and up your confidence and skills.

  • Starting at $20 per person

  • Equipment is provided

  • Book your private class online or give us a call!

  • Pro teachers with int tournament experience
Beach Tennis Miami Leagues

League Competition Play runs once a week for 8 weeks. After the completion of each league scores will be added up and the 2 winners (girl/boy) announced.

  • Members Only

  • Buy Memberships Online

Beach Tennis Miami Tournaments

Each month 1 tournament on Sunday from 10am till 6pm. The tournaments will accommodate all levels. See our Tournaments page for more details

  • Miami Beach resident $15

  • Miami Beach Non resident: $20

Beach Tennis Miami Special Events
Special Events

Customized to the player’s wishes we can organize private lessons and special group activities i.e. team building event, family party or corporate event could be a great team building event.

  • Price on Request

  • Miami Beach resident: $5 / Non resident: $10

  • Prepay online to start playing right away! (click to pay)



FREE SOCIAL PLAY: – Your first Social Play On us!


Get along to this every Saturday and Sunday, perfect beach fun and fitness!

Peter J Ricci
Peter J Ricci

Cannot wait to return so much fun in the great outdoors!

Martine de Hart
Martine de Hart

I love this place, every weekend I play and the people are just so friendly!

Riva Da Silva
Riva Da Silva

An amazing sport practiced by amazing people! Do yourself a favour and check it out when you’re in Miami.

Fabian Lützig
Fabian Lützig

All very good! Great sport! Wonderful place! I recommend coming to see!

Luis Aihara
Luis Aihara

This is just so much fun, thanks for organizing Beach Tennis Miami!

Olexey Sanikov
Olexey Sanikov

I played beach tennis in Miami at 72st this winter and enjoyed it very much.  I will be back ASAP.

Charles De Hart
Charles De Hart

1 day ago

Beach Tennis Miami

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our friends Pietro and Camila from Brazil are represented by


Who are playing?

1 day ago

Beach Tennis Miami

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4-3 for Beatriz and Melissa

Hi Donny, we miss you here!

1-0 for Melissa and Beatriz

Third set just started

3rd Set starting now

thanks for sharing!!


In third set

3-1 for Melissa and Beatriz in the third set

3-0 Melissa and Beatriz

Is there the streaming of the central court

Go on the central courte pleaseeeee

Bea te felicito, tremendo juegazo!! Los aces por el medio uufff! Brutal!!!

Go miami

Cuanto ???



Cuanto va?

Vamos PR🇵🇷!!!!


Then you go on the central court?

Where i can see the central courte

Ace !!! ??

OLA JONY Jony Baños

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1 day ago

Beach Tennis Miami

ITF pro women’s 1st round ... See MoreSee Less


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2/2 second set. First set was won by Beatriz and Melissa

Bea esta jugando

What is the score

Who won the first?

Alright thank you

2nd set?


How is?



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